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The modern crane dates back to Ancient Greece. A lot of innovation and advancement has gone into the cranes we know today. Without its forbearers, world history would look a lot different today. Cranes have been helping civilisations develop and evolve for millenia, and their impact is still as relevant today as it was throughout its thousands of years of history.

At M.H Dawood Plant Services and Theta Construction, Plant and Truck Hire, we harness the power of crane hire to help South African companies from all corners of the economy access the technology they need to remain competitive in an increasingly volatile economy. Thanks to competitive prices, modern fleets and dependable service, many businesses are able to access the crane technology they need to take their businesses forward.


Leading the Way Forward in Crane Services and Solutions in South Africa

We are exceptionally proud of our nearly three decades of operational presence in the industry. Since 1990, we have revolutionised the way South Africa access crane and plant hire solutions. Our founding member, Mr MH Dawood, is a qualified artisan and crane mechanic with more than 40 years’ of mechanical experience. With a dedicated and passionate management team leading us to new heights, our clients are also set to benefit from our continued growth and expansion in the marketplace.

Throughout the years, M.H Dawood Plant Services has also expanded to establish Theta Construction, Plant and Truck Hire cc. This division is set to only further enhance our service to our clients, making it easy to transport Tower Cranes and associated plant equipment that we also erect and dismantle. These are only a few of the many services and solutions you can expect from M.H Dawood Plant Services. Contact us to learn more about our company, and the team working hard to deliver crane solutions to South Africa’s construction and other sectors.


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